We believe that your CV should reflect ALL of you ALL of the time, and not just when you’re out job hunting. Most of us don’t have an updated CV, and when looking for a job, we scramble to put something together!

Your Educate24 Smart CV is live, in real time, ready to be viewed. And it’s a FREE service to you!

Here’s what you’ll find on your Smart CV

  • Your personal details, educational background, work history & references
  • Your successfully completed courses

The benefits of your smart CV

  • Allows employers and agencies to effectively view your CV
  • All your information is centralized on one secure platform
  • Easily accessible
  • Quick and easy to download and print
  • Reference point for performance reviews
  • Allows our mentors to guide you on your career path
  • Your CV says who you are. You are your CV. Educate24 helps to make you and your CV one.