Microsoft Office

Excel 2016 Expert

You will gain an advanced level of understanding for the Microsoft Excel environment, and the ability to guide others to the proper use of the programme’s full features – critical skills for those in roles such as accountants, financial analysts, and commercial bankers.

You will create, manage, and distribute professional spreadsheets for a variety of specialised purposes and situations. You will customise your Excel 2016 environments to meet project needs and increase productivity.  Expert workbook examples include custom business templates, multi-axis financial charts, amortisation tables, and inventory schedules.


Course Objectives:


  • Save a workbook as a template, with colours, fonts, cell styles and themes
  • Reference data using structured references or data in another workbook
  • Protect a workbook from further editing
  • Prepare a workbook for internationalisation
  • Apply custom data formats and validation
  • Apply advanced conditional formatting and filtering
  • Use form controls
  • Work with macros


What is Covered:


  1. Module One: Getting Started
  2. Module Two: Manage Workbook Options and Settings
  3. Module Three: Apply Custom Data Formats and Layouts
  4. Module Four: Create Advanced Formulas
  5. Module Five: Create Advanced Charts and Tables
  6. Module Six: Wrapping Up
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